Monday, June 28, 2010

race results

The results are in, and we placed 46th. It's an accomplishment to finish the race. This race was challenging to a lot of teams due to mechanical failures, pieces or mechanics not available at some of the stops. It was a great learning experience.

Yesterday was the mandatory debriefings. So after the meetings before the awards banquet we had some free time which we used as an escape to Washington D.C., as this was Sara and I first time going to the Capitol. Got to go to Lincoln Monument, in which I felt like Forrest Gump over looking the water. This trips was the first time I rode the metro also.

The award banquet was nice. It was held at a beautiful restaurant and the food was great. Then today, Sara and Suzanne made their way home in Suzanne's plane, and soon I will be on a bus going to New Mexico for a vacation, as racing is far from a vacation. Doing this race for the 3rd time, I feel like it's a summer camp where I get to see my camp friends. I am happy I got to see racers that I raced with my first year of racing.