Saturday, February 27, 2010

welcome to the 2010 race. We are number 23 this year.


The new 2010 Snow Eagles race team, will consist of 3 female pilots. We are racing for a charity once again this year. We will be racing for the Nebraska Chapter of the Make-A-Wishfoundation. Dr. Suzanne Braddock lives in Omaha. She is a dermatologist with an office in Omaha. has been a licensed pilot since 1984, with private and instrument  ratings. She initially became interested in aviation when the State of Nebraska flew her to North Platte, Ne for a  medical clinic several 
times a month.  She happily spent many hours learning safety and quality 
in aviation from the excellent State of Nebraska pilots who flew 
several doctors in various aircraft over the years. She used her aviation skills to assist others in needed travel  throughout the United States, especially members of various religious orders. She also fly to assist in medical care delivery in the region, and to speak at medical symposia. “By participating in the Air Race Classic,I would like to make the role of women in aviation better known, especially since women have  had an important part to play both in aviation history and currently in commercial and private aviation. I would like to promote the role 
of general aviation in community building, and  highlight  the special 
competence women bring to this endeavor.” Suzanne likes to play the harp, and loves to travel.

Nicole Boettger will once again be racing. This is her 3rd race in the ARC. She is a private pilot with over 100 hours. "I love racing. This is the best adventure, and the ladies you meet become lifelong friends." Nicole is on her last semester of grad school,obtaining her Masters in Homeland Security. She is a certified Zumba fitness instructor. She works at the YMCA as a preschool/dance/tumbling/fitness instructor. She also works part time at Sokal School of Dance. In her free time, she is a member of the Polynesian Dance Studio, and loves hanging with her two doggies-a purebreed beagle, and a beagle doxie mix.

Sara Vanderpool will be joining the team, as a newbie. She is a licensed private pilot, with over 100 hours. She is a law student at Drake University. In free time, she likes to travel, fish, and is a card club member. "This race sounded like a good trip."